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Ghost Kitchen Comes to Valparaiso

The Lincoln Kitchen has opened in Valparaiso, IN. The ghost kitchen concept has been growing in some major metropolitan markets around the country. If you haven't heard of a ghost's an opportunity for a restaurant to operate for delivery and carryout without having to build a brick and mortar location. These ghost kitchen (sometimes referred to as cloud kitchens) provide all the infrastructure needed to open a restaurant and the restaurant brings only cooking equipment and other items needed to prepare their menus.

The cost to open in a ghost kitchen may be less than 10% of opening a traditional brick and mortar restaurant. Additionally, the monthly overhead is significantly less as well. These kitchens are very popular with restaurant starts ups, food trucks wanting to have a permanent location and existing restaurants wanting to expand into new markets. Other uses of this space may include short term commissary needs, pop up events and food preparation for items to be sold commercially.

The Lincoln Kitchen is unique in this field in that they don't want to just rent space and how for the best, they want to build and grow with the vendors operating in kitchen spaces there.

If you are looking for some new restaurants in Valparaiso, check out The Lincoln Kitchen where you can get Philly cheesesteaks, hamburgers, Mexican food, soups and salads, Mediterranean, potstickers, Nashville hot chicken and there's even a coffee shop inside.

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