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2022 Dallas Ghost Kitchen Conference

Tech, data, marketing, 3rd party delivery, and virtual brands. All of these were prominent topics at the 2022 Dallas Ghost Kitchen Conference put on by Pete Cook and OnTrend Concepts. Being a new ghost kitchen, it was a fantastic opportunity to listen to what industry leaders and experts have built and see as the future for ghost kitchens, online ordering, virtual brands, use of customer data and the tech to power it all.

Each day was filled with panel discussions on various topics including what role you want 3rd party services to play in your business, data, tech, the customer experience, pros and cons of virtual brands and approaches to operating a ghost kitchen. There was also plenty of time to network and explore the booths and exhibits. The conference concluded at Middleby Dallas Showroom. What a great display of where the development of kitchen equipment is going. Again, technology was a huge theme in how equipment is being used and maintained. While robotics may seem to be something of the future, the staff at Middleby demonstrated a robotic kitchen making pizza, fries, and burgers with very little human involvement.

As I am sitting here writing this, my Virtual Dining Concepts tablet has just gone off with an order for Buddy V's Cake Slice. The creation of virtual brands has become a hot business in itself. Often these concepts are linked to a celebrity who helps promote the concepts to the millions of their online followers. Virtual Dining Concepts is one company who is a leader in this space creating brands such as Mr Beast Burger, Barstool Bites and Buddy V's Cake Slice.

It was also interesting to explore other soon to be staples in the industry...web3, accepting crypto currency and dynamic pricing. While these are all in the beginning stages, it is evident these will become more common in the very near future.

As one of the panelist stated, no one has created the perfect ghost kitchen model yet. There are many different strategies and approaches currently being executed. Some support and believe working with 3rd party services as your partner is a necessity, while others have built their models completley excluding 3rd party and execute ordering and delivery exclusively through their own platforms. If you have the opportunity to attend next year, I highly recommend it. I made many great connections and have already begun making steps in helping The Lincoln Kitchen grow and become a more efficient company.

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